About Us


For over the past 32 years, The Benefits Group, LLC has been striving to assist clients in achieving their financial goals.  Of these needs including Estate Planning, Retirement Services and Business Planning we have created many trademarked solutions.  With the assistance of Key Advisers, Attorneys, CPA's etc we have enjoyed embarking on a successful journey with our clients.

With a combined 100 plus years of experience, The Benefits Group, LLC works as a well organized team.  With the business and financial market in this day and age, this creates an opportunity for each of our clients to gain knowledge on a number of strategic opportunities within one firm.  With a talented and knowledgeable group like The Benefits Group, LLC, our clients can have a number of different questions answered by the appropriate representative based on the expertise that particular individual may have.  Headed up by Don Jackson, CLU, ChFC and Michael Collins as Principals of the firm, along with Coby Harper, CLU, ChFC as a Marketer, and Jonathan Jackson, Chief Operating Officer, we each have a key role in the success of each of the clients we work with.

Just as a complex puzzle can test the greatest of minds, The Benefits Group, LLC takes great pride in the ability to assist and educate clients with their own puzzles when it comes to the financial goals everyone has in mind to succeed.  From the most basic life insurance policy to the most complex estate plan, or business planning and retirement, The Benefits Group, LLC is comprised of the individuals that are knowledgeable of the changing environment, and fully educated on a full realm of opportunities for our clients, and strives to be the firm that you can have full confidence in.