Our Team

Jonathan Jackson

Chief Operations Officer

With a strong background in financial services, Jonathan serves The Benefits Group, LLC (TBG) as Chief Operations Officer.  Jonathan focuses on managing the strategic relationships and contracts that TBG maintains for the development of innovative solutions for clients. Experienced in compliance issues, he serves as the liaison between M Holdings Securities, Inc. (TBG’s Broker/Dealer) and TBG’s business operations.  He reviews all securities applications before they are submitted, sees them through execution, and oversees securities related compensation issues.  Jonathan is also responsible for developing valuable relationships with other M Financial Group Member Firms to direct the long-term strategic growth of TBG’s operations.

Jonathan works from the Knoxville office and can be reached by:

Email Address: 
Office Phone: 
(865) 690-9590
Cell Phone: 
(865) 243-0521
(865) 690-9052